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South Dakota Educational Content Standards

Third Grade

The following list was selected from the South Dakota Content Standards for Third Grade. These specific standards can be met through the tours offered at the National Music Museum (not every standard is met in every tour offered). This information can be used to assist teachers in selecting appropriate tours and to enable teachers to request specific standards they would like to see met during a visit to the Museum. It can also be used to justify the field trip and the cost of transportation.

The student will:
  1. demonstrate literal, interpretive, and/or critical comprehension by answering various how, why, and what-if questions.
  2. compare the lives of various people as described in biographies and autobiographies.
  3. organize and write about information according to topic.
  4. prepare written texts which explain main ideas in information collected.
  5. generate personal and formal letters using proper form.
  6. write creative short stories, descriptive paragraphs, or narratives.
  7. listen and respond thoughtfully and respectfully to others.
  8. listen attentively by making eye contact and facing the speaker.
  9. ask questions to learn the speaker's point of view.
  10. recognize and interpret non-verbal cues.
  11. determine if information presented is speaker opinion or verifiable fact.
  12. retell, paraphrase, and explain what has been said by a speaker.
  13. connect prior knowledge and experience to what is seen and heard.
  14. restate information in a logical and sequential order.
  15. categorize information according to specific topic or subject.
  16. present ideas and check for listener response in various situations.
  17. organize and present ideas so that others can understand the message.
  18. use formal or informal language appropriate to the audience and purpose.
  19. express knowledge, ideas, and requests clearly, using appropriate vocabulary and sentence structure.
  20. use correct subject-verb agreement and appropriate verb tense when speaking.
  21. speak expressively using appropriate pronunciation, rate, and diction.
  22. speak expressively using the appropriate volume and inflection.
  23. identify factors which influence the speaker's effectiveness.
  24. study local community and its history.
  25. analyze human relationships and roles between and among individuals and groups, cultural groups and a community, and communities and state.
  26. explore characteristics of scientific ways of thinking.
  27. describe scientific contributions made by people worldwide.
  28. describe physical properties of objects.
  29. investigate simple machines.
  30. identify types, examples, and functions of simple machines.
  31. investigate how people invent new ways of doing things, new ways of solving problems, and new ways of getting work done.
  32. explore how new ideas and inventions affect people.
  33. investigate how designing a solution may have constraints.
  34. investigate the relationship between the use of different natural resources and the effect of their use on the environment.
  35. analyze and classify plane and solid geometric figures using relevant properties.
  36. describe time using the concepts of how long until, the duration of an event, and equivalent periods.
  37. solve problems using addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
  38. use estimation in problems with whole numbers.
  39. order and compare whole numbers using appropriate words and symbols.
  40. explain ways to change an arrangement of objects.
  41. explore discrete and continuous patterns.
  42. describe events that are certain or possible.

Please direct any questions to Dr. Deborah Check Reeves, Curator of Education at 605-677-5306 or e-mail her at

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