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Images from The First Floor Hallway

B. B. King Lucille Model Gibson Electric Guitar

B. B. King Autographs Museum's Guitar

T. Wilson King watches, as B. B. King autographs a Gibson Lucille model electric guitar in his dressing room in Omaha, Nebraska, on November 5, 2000, for presentation to the National Music Museum

NMM 10,025.  Guitar by Gibson, Nashville, 1997

NMM 10025. Electric guitar by Gibson, Nashville, 1997. Artist Collection, B. B. King Lucille model, a custom-built version of the ES-355, without f-holes (otherwise, B. B. would have to stuff paper in the f-holes to minimize feedback). Laminated maple body with maple center block, three-piece maple neck, ebony finish, gold hardware. Autographed by King in Omaha on November 5, 2000, for presentation to the Museum, with help from T. Wilson & Sandra L. King & family, Michelle Maloney/Carey's Bar, Mark Phillippi, Radigan's Main Street Pub, Larry Brady, Michael Wickersham, Charcoal Lounge/Tom French, Silver Dollar Restaurant/Jere Chapman, and Jon & Carol Robertson & family, Vermillion, South Dakota; Elizabeth Spivey & David Bergin, Yankton, South Dakota; Dave Bernstein, Sioux City, Iowa; and others who love the blues, 2001.

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A postcard of B. B. King autographing this guitar is available from the Gift Shop

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