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Dance Rattle, Pueblo Nation, New Mexico, early 20th century

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Dance rattle, Pueblo Nation, New Mexico, early 20th century

Blue view

NMM 4043.  Dance rattle, Pueblo Nation, New Mexico, early 20th century. Elongated rectangular section of rawhide, rolled, stitched, and attached to handle, forming an open-centered circular rattle. Hand-carved, wooden handle with articulated end knob and suede leather strap. Red, black and blue painted embellishments, remnants of two feathers attached to top of rattle. Typically, rattles such as this contain pebbles, though dried seeds or pieces of animal bones could also be included. Arne B. Larson Collection, 1979.

Structural Details

Interior seam Exterior seam

Rectangular piece of rawhide, rolled (lengthwise) and stitched with sinew to form a tube; ends brought together at handle creating a open, ring-shaped rattle; secured to handle with sinew wrappings; regularly spaced stitches (at 2 mm intervals), turned toward center of ring, leaving outside surface smooth. Eight, evenly-spaced, white painted circles, outlined in black, span the smooth outer circumference of the rattle.

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